Felt AR4

Here is our latest cool build for one of our Sunset Cycles Team guys Kyle. He wanted a bike that can do it all. Soon he will get set up with 2 different positions on this bike, one for road and one more dialed for TT events. We also will have a demo soon in this bike that we will have a full review of as we put miles on it.

Frame/Fork: Felt Aero Road HM High Modulus Modular Monocoque carbon fiber frame with 3KP Finish; internal cable routing.
Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra STI 6700; Ultegra front derailleur; Ultegra rear derailleur; Ultegra 53/39T crankset; Ultegra chain, 11-25T cassette.
Wheelset: Felt AeroR2 700c 28mm deep aluminum rims DT Bladed butted 1.8/0.9 x 2.3/1.8mm with aluminum nipples.

It weighed right in at 17lbs.



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7 responses to “Felt AR4”

  1. Dave Younger says :

    Hey there mate. I have the previous model AR4 in matt black and white with a set of Easton Tempest II 404 carbon rims on it and the bike is seriously fast. I have used it all season for road racing and TT. Awesome bike and gets plenty pf comments and about how it looks. Hope you enjoy!

  2. John Bennion says :

    I took this bike out for a test ride and loved it. I took it from Sunset Cycles up to Dairy Creek and back. It is very responsive and feels quite slippery. I normally ride a Madone 5.2, and this felt stiffer. The ride is smooth and the the new Ultegra gruppo is fantastic. Front shifting performance is especially good particularlyly moving up to the big ring. A spectacular ride.

  3. Rich Ensworth says :

    1,000 miles on the new 2010 AR4 built and fitted @ Sunset cycles. Don’t think, don’t walk, RUN down to sunset bikes and get this bike as soon as you can! I’ve raced on bikes to the likes of bianchi, litespeed, cannodale, medici, etc, etc… and have been blown away by the performance of the AR4. It’s nice to know that every ounce of propulsion that your body can produce goes to the rear wheel. I’ve found another gear climbing, ran out of gears descending and the handling is spot on. If I could come up with one downside riding the AR4 it would be that I can’t blame it on the bike any more.

  4. Neil Webber says :

    I am looking for a 2010 model Felt AR4 58cm, do you have any or are you aware of where I get one

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