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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us a Sunset Cycles. We hope you had a great 2009 and we look forward to seeing you in 2010!


Ultimate Tandem!

To: my dear and loving wife

I know Christmas has come and gone – and believe me; I loved the gifts you gave me…but you know what they say about letting the spirit of Christmas live all year long?  Well, I figured this would be a great way to keep the spirit alive and allow us to spend some quality time together as well.  Just sayin’…



Google is Great!

We here at Sunset Cycles would like to think we are special, and today Google confirmed this. See how it works in the video below, and keep a look out for our window sticker.

“Over 100,000 businesses were identified as Favorite Places, representing less than 1% of the 28 million U.S. businesses”

2006 Marin Verona

This bike is sold…

Here is a 2006 Marin Verona, full Shimano 10 speed 105. This would be a solid starter bike for someone just getting into the sport or if you need a upgrade from your current ride.

Aluminum main frame, carbon seat stays, crank (FSA SLK Compact Carbon Road 50/36) fork and seat post. Shimano 105 front and Ultegra rear derailleur 105 STI shifters, and 105 dual pivot brakes.

Regular price $1600 sale price $1200

Size is a Large

Quick Look: 2010 Roubaix Expert

This is the first in a series we plan to use to give you a glimpse of new bike models as they roll through the store.  Look here for a few photos and specifications for new models along with a few of our thoughts.  Enjoy!

I still remember seeing the new Roubaix Expert for the first time at Interbike this past September and commenting:  “That’s the bike”.
2010 Specialized Roubaix Expert
You see, every year as the new bikes come out, I scour the offerings looking for the one road bike that is going to be the bang-for-the-buck offering from the store.  The one that I can confidently show a customer and know that they’ll not find a better bike for a better price anywhere.  In any given year, that bike can be in a different price range, different frame material, component spec, or price range.  This year, it’s definitely the Specialized Roubaix Expert.  The confident, comfortable, and efficient ride of the Roubaix platform coupled with the heralded Shimano 6700 Ultegra and Specialized’s own Roval Fuse’e SL wheels make this a high-performance bike at a high value price!

Full Ultegra Drivetrain - no substitutions here!

Here’s a quick run down of the specifications:
Frame: Specialized Roubaix FACT 9r carbon w/ Zertz
Group: Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 (Triple or Compact 50/34)
Handlebar/Stem: Specialized Pro Alloy
Seatpost: Specialized FACT Carbon w/ Zertz
Saddle: Specialized BG Avatar Gel 143
Wheels: Roval Fuse’e SL (1450 grams)
Tires: Specialized Roubaix II 700×23 Aramid folding

Sunset Cycles’ Price: $3000.00

Call ahead if you want to check it out – I don’t anticipate these sticking around long!


Introducing: Speedplay!

You’ve been asking for them – we went and got them.
Now in stock: Speedplay Zero and Light Action series pedals and accessories!

Speedplay Pedals

Speedplay represents the most unique and revolutionary (pardon the pun) pedal designs available.   Most other brands of pedal have a near-equal in a competing brand.  One brand’s benefits can be found in a similar pedal from another manufacturer.  Not so with Speedplay.  They are truly unique pedals with truly unique benefits.

  • Knee friendly, nearly frictionless, non-centering float
  • Lower pedal/cleat stack height for greater efficiency
  • Widely adjustable cleats and multiple spindle lengths for more comfort and better ergonomic possibilities
  • Double-sided engagement for easy entry
  • Competitive weight, easily serviceable, durable metal cleats

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2009 Ruby Expert

This bike is sold…

This is our first of a few closeout bikes we will be putting up on the blog. This bike is 2009 Ruby Expert in a 56cm in emerald green.

The Ruby Expert’s FACT 8r carbon frame features Designs for Women geometry and uses seamless Az1 construction for maximum strength and performance; Zertz inserts absorb energy-robbing vibrations. The Body Geometry Ruby Women’s saddle, and bars features a slim, lightweight design that’s 100% race-ready, yet still comfortable. Full Ultegra SL kit, with a compact crank and Ultegra wheels and Specialized Mondo Pro tires.

Regular Price $3300- Sale Price $2800

Available in a 56cm