Introducing: Speedplay!

You’ve been asking for them – we went and got them.
Now in stock: Speedplay Zero and Light Action series pedals and accessories!

Speedplay Pedals

Speedplay represents the most unique and revolutionary (pardon the pun) pedal designs available.   Most other brands of pedal have a near-equal in a competing brand.  One brand’s benefits can be found in a similar pedal from another manufacturer.  Not so with Speedplay.  They are truly unique pedals with truly unique benefits.

  • Knee friendly, nearly frictionless, non-centering float
  • Lower pedal/cleat stack height for greater efficiency
  • Widely adjustable cleats and multiple spindle lengths for more comfort and better ergonomic possibilities
  • Double-sided engagement for easy entry
  • Competitive weight, easily serviceable, durable metal cleats

The Zero and Light Action series’ represent Speedplay’s latest achievements in pedal technology.  With less float than the original X-series; each model provides a maxium of 15 degrees (Shimano max is 6; Look is 9).  Each model also has three different quality levels available with progressive quality spindles and bearings resulting in progressively lighter weight and greater durability.  Cromoly spindles are used on the base model with Stainless Steel and Titanium available at the upper levels.  The Ti models are limited to a rider weight of less than 185 lbs.

The similarities end there.  The Light Action – Speedplay’s newest pedal – is the perfect model for first-time users; ladies; and lighter-weight riders who have difficulty engaging the pedal or just want something that is easier to get into and out of.  Limited to 15 degrees of float; enough to be forgiving but not so much it is vague, the lighter tension spring in the cleat means it takes less effort to get in and out of the pedal.  The simplicity of the pedal also makes the Light Action very affordable.

Zero Series pedals are probably the most adjustable pedals available.  The cleat is infinitely adjustable from 0-15 degrees of float (thus, the name) and also allows for fully adjustable rotational positioning of the foot on the pedal. Combine this feature with the broadly directionally adjustable cleats and the availability of various cleat wedges and height adjusting stacks and you have a very versatile pedal.

Additionally, Speedplay also offers spindles in various lengths for the situations where a rider may need more or less stance width (sometimes referred to as q-factor) than is provided by stock pedals (Speedplay or otherwise).  While there are occasionally good reasons to use other pedal systems;  Speedplay has worked hard to provide a solution to most riders’ needs – and as a bike fitter; I find them very easy to work with.  One of my favorites.

To see more of the pedals or to pick up your new cleats or cleat-covers – stop on by.  We’re happy to help!

Enjoy the ride!



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