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Introducing: Swiftwick Socks

We’d like to welcome a new brand to the Sunset Family: Swiftwick.

I guess you can blame my Tennessee connections for this one.  Swiftwick’s offices are less than a mile from my old store in Brentwood (south of Nashville) and a former employee of mine is now working in sales for them.  But, in true Sunset Cycles form; we wouldn’t have ordered them if they didn’t meet our standards.  These socks are comfy, wick exceptionally well, and are super-durable.  I’ve actually had a pair for about 5 years that are still going strong!

For the spring we’ve brought in some of their best sellers: The no-show “Zero” and the low-cut “One” in black or white.  When fall gets ready to roll in; we’ll have some of their Merino Wool socks available – a new Sunset staff favorite.

Be on the lookout for custom socks from Swiftwick sporting our new logo and colors sometime in February!  Swiftwick says these are the best socks you’ll ever own – we think you’ll agree.



Quick Look: 2010 Tarmac Expert SL

Race ready out of the box

This is the racier sibling to the Roubaix Expert we highlighted last month.  If you want to go fast, the Tarmac is the bike.  And this latest iteration uses the 10r series frame which was only available as an S-Works model not too long ago!  With new Ultegra 6700 from front to back and Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels – just add some race-wheels and you’re ready for the crit series at P.I.R.

Here’s a quick run down of the specifications:
Frame: Specialized Tarmac FACT IS 10r carbon
Group: Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 (Compact 50/34)
Handlebar/Stem: Specialized Pro-Set Alloy
Seatpost: Specialized FACT Carbon w/ Zertz
Saddle: Specialized Toupe 143
Wheels: Mavik Ksyrium Equipe
Tires: Specialized Mondo 700×23 Aramid folding

Sunset Cycles’ Price: $3000.00

Call ahead to reserve a test ride!


Winter Overhaul

Overhaul lite  $85.50

This is the special version of our regular overhaul, it’s built around the most common issues we see during this time of year and will help with keeping your bike in great shape till spring. With most bikes having cartridge bearings now that lessen the required maintenance this service covers all the major areas of concern. By pulling the bottom bracket and seat post we are able to clean out the seat tube where all that water sits during you’re winter road or cross riding.

  • Remove bottom bracket, grease and clean
  • Overhaul headset (bearings may be additional)
  • Pull seat post/clean and re-grease
  • No additional labor charges for parts replacement.
  • Remove chain, cassette/freewheel and clean.
  • Clean wheel rims, spokes, hubs, brake calipers and frame.
  • Lube brake/shift levers, brake/shift cables, brake caliper pivot points, brake caliper posts, and derailleurs.
  • Trim brake and shift cables, secure with cable ends.
  • True front and rear wheels laterally, so brakes can be properly adjusted.
  • Adjust front and rear hubs, headset, bottom bracket, brake pads (center and balance clearance), shift levers, front and rear derailleurs.
  • Secure/tighten brake/shift levers, brake calipers, handlebars, stem, seatpost, seat, crankarms, chainrings, pedals, and accessories.

*Additional/upgraded items in yellow

Shoot us a e-mail ( or give us a call 503.531.9254 to set up an appointment today!