Team Saxo Bank and Specialized BG Fit

I have just returned from the Specialized BG Fit Masters’ training seminar and the BG Fit crew (Andy Pruitt, Scott Holz, and others) have just returned from the Team Saxo Bank training camp in the Canary Islands. They had this video to share that I thought you’d enjoy.

The video shows the BG (Body Geometry) Advanced D.A.T.A. video capture system in action. This is the same system and same fitting process that we’ll be unveiling at Sunset Cycles later this month! Do you want similar “performance enhancing” changes that the Saxo guys are talking about? Schedule your appointment for the Advanced D.A.T.A. fit!

Also; some insider info – Andy is flying out to Zurich soon to finish up some work they started on Fabian Cancellara. He’s shared some of that process with us this week – so be on the lookout for more success from Fabian.

The other interesting thing is to hear them talk about the work they’ve started with Alberto Contador (now that Astana is riding Specialized…). Big changes to his cleat position! He should be even harder to catch now!

I’ll share more from Morgan Hill later! Enjoy the ride!

Advanced Bike Fit Specialist


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