Now Showing: BG D.A.T.A. Fitting

We’ve been talking about it for some time now and it’s at long last here!  Specialized’s latest fitting tool – Dual Angle Technical Analysis (D.A.T.A.) Video Capture system – is in the store and being set up.  By taking a live video “snapshot” of your riding we see a more realistic representation of what difference our adjustments are making.  D.A.T.A. allows truely dynamic bike fitting by letting the fitter measure and analyze in motion.

Of course, the best tools are only good in the hands of someone experienced.  Our fit department has fitted thousands of riders (full fittings – not just new bike “sizings”) over nearly 10 years and D.A.T.A. is just the next tool we’re adding to our toolbox to help you enjoy your ride better.  For the month of February, we’re reserving the D.A.T.A. system for our team members.  Watch for an announcement in March regarding open appointments for everyone else!

For more information on D.A.T.A. and our fitting services – ask us; or go to:
Enjoy the ride!



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