BG D.A.T.A. Fitting Now Available!

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We are now taking appointments for our new Body Geometry Advanced DATA Fit System! The BG DATA (Dual Angle Technical Analysis) System brings a greater level of analysis and accuracy to our already distinguished fitting services.  Matt, our Fit Specialist had this to say about the system: “I spend less time experimenting with what might work and more time applying solutions. This delivers better results for my clients.” This new tool has already elevated our fitting department to a level which we believe to be one of the best in the state – if not the Northwest; and we think our clients will agree.

The Advanced DATA System employs two video cameras and a proprietary software suite to record the rider in motion and help a trained fitter analyze their position under realistic efforts. The fitter applies rider-specific solutions based upon the individual’s unique goals, abilities, and physiology as a part of the BG Fit method which is revolutionizing the profession of bike fitting.  The BG method focuses on proper bio-mechanics, comfort, and efficiency while minimizing injury potential. The Advanced DATA System’s side and frontal profile analysis show the rider the changes in near real time.  Proper rider positioning, knee tracking, back and neck profile and frontal area can all be analyzed with the DATA System.  Now you don’t have to take the fitter’s word for it – you can see and feel the difference for yourself!  When the fitting is complete you will receive a full report and videos of your starting and finishing position.

For the month of February we reserved access to the Advanced DATA system for our racing team (and we’re already racking up more wins!), but starting this month; we’re opening it up to the public.  Call the store, e-mail us, or stop by to schedule your session today.  For more information on the BG Advanced DATA Fitting and our other fit services, stop by the store or see our website.


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One response to “BG D.A.T.A. Fitting Now Available!”

  1. sunsetpdx says :

    Here’s a great review on the BG FIT system (though no mention is made of D.A.T.A., the process is the same) that I ran across online.

    I couldn’t have explained the difference better myself…


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