Quick look: 2010 Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29

This “look” had to be so quick that I didn’t even have time to set the bike up in a more picturesque setting (if you can call the cinder block wall behind the store “picturesque”…)  It’s new owner was already on his way to pick it up.

Now, don’t let the scale fool you – this is indeed the 29’er version of the Stumpy Comp.; it’s just that it’s a size XXL – so the frame is so big that the wheels look normal size!

In my mind, the Stumpjumper 29’ers are great bikes for those who are looking for a bike which will roll over just about anything, handles with enough stability to be forgiving yet enough agility to be exciting, and is still light enough to get up the hills so you can enjoy going down them.  The “trail-length” travel and big wheels roll with ease over the bumps and allow an extra margin for error if you don’t pick exactly the right line.  Recreational riders to ultra-marathon racers will love the SJ 29’er as long as the trail doesn’t involve too many down-hill switchbacks.

Here’s a quick run down of the specifications:
Frame: Stumpjumper FSR M5 manipulated alloy 29er w/ tapered integrated HT
Group: SRAM X-7/X-9, Shimano Crankset/cassette, Avid Elixer R SL brakes
Fork/Shock: Rock Shox Reba SL 29 Custom/Fox Triad Custom w/ ProPedal
Saddle: Specialized Format 143
Wheels: DT 520 SL 29″/HiLo 20mm thru-axle(f)/Shimano M525SL (r)
Tires: Specialized S-Works Eskar, 29×2.3″ (f)/Specialized The Captain Control, 29×2.0″ (r)

Sunset Cycles’ Price: $2200.00


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