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This rolled into the store last week to our amazement. We have summited this record setter to Guinness and are waiting to hear back.


Timberline MTB Park

If you were to look at my inbox on Friday it was obvious what the big news for the day was. Timberline on Mt Hood announced that there are preliminary plans to open up lift access MTB trails in the summer of 2011!

My first thought and concern was that building trails is lots of work and the bar Whister has set in the sport is pretty high. Timberline has contracted Gravity Logic to help with the heavy lifting.

Even if you are just up there for Winter activitys this will help bring the quality of Timberline’s amenity’s up all year. I think everyone is looking forward to what this will do for riding in our area.

More info here-

In a few years we could be riding Timberline with views like this.

Free Helmet!

It’s that time of year again! Spring is just around the corner, and looks to be already here in Oregon!

You may have not seen the  Ellen Degeneres Show a few weeks back where they gave  hundreds of Sirrus bikes to her audience members. The promotion was such a success, and introduced Specialized brand and the Sirrus line to so many non-bike oriented consumers, that we have decided to build our 2010 Spring Promotion around the Sirrus.

For April of 2010, the Sirrus, Vita, Sirrus Sport and Vita Sport are being highlighted in an effort to further expose new riders and fitness oriented consumers to Specialized.

Whats the catch? We are offering a FREE Align helmet for every qualifying bike purchase within the ENTIRE month of April.