Shimano Wheels in Stock!

Over the winter we’ve expanded our offering of Shimano products.

Of course there are the obligatory chains, cassettes, and chainrings which everyone carries.  We also favor the Shimano stainless steel cable sets for their durability and smooth action and use them exclusively (except on Campagnolo, of course…).

We have taken things several steps further – recognizing Shimano’s expertise in other segments of the market – and added their respected wheel and footwear line-ups (including the Custom Fit shoes – more on that in later posts…) and the PRO line of components and tools.

We are particularly excited about the wheels and our team has already embraced them for their light weight, durability, servicability, and leadership in the areas of tubeless technology for road, cyclocross, and off-road.

We are emphasizing two particular models of wheels for their value and performance – The new Ultegra 6700 road tubeless wheelset and the WH-RS30.

The 6700 is the new value leader for road and cyclocross performance.  These wheels are training tough but racing light and responsive.  Add the benefits of greater traction, cornering adhesion, flat resistance, and comfort from the tubeless compatible rims to that package and you have wheels you can ride year round: road racing, centuries and training in the spring and summer and cyclocross in the fall and winter.  Previously, tubeless ready road wheels would cost you over $900.  The 6700 set comes in at $650 and still rides like $800 wheels!  Comfortable, quick, and stiff enough to respond to your accelerations.  We will be stocking Specialized’s Turbo Tubeless tires to outfit your new wheels.  Conventional clinchers and inner tubes work perfectly too.  Call ahead or e-mail us and schedule a ride on our demo set of 6700’s!

The WH-RS30 is part of Shimano’s Road Sport wheel line-up which takes top-tier features and trickles it down to lower pricepoints with minimal “dumbing-down”.  This set is another great do-it-all set of wheels.  Although a little heavy for your biggest race events; they’re super-tough due to their deeper 30mm rim and straight pull spokes.  This makes them well suited for every-day training and events on rougher roads; that odd, sketchy criterium, fast commuting, and a great spare set of wheels for cyclocross (or your main set for that matter…).  Their 30mm deep rim profile and bladed spokes help them cut through the wind easier and will shed mud easier than their box-section counterparts.  We have several sets of these running around Portland already and have not seen one of them back for truing yet!

Keep checking back here for a review on the WH-6700 or Matt’s review on his blog; and more info on our expanded offering of Shimano products.

Enjoy the ride!


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