Tire wear as a Cause of Flats

In our monthly e-newsletter we have been addressing common causes of flat tires and how to prevent them.  This month we’re talking about worn-out tires.

As your tires wear their flat protection is reduced because there is less rubber on them to resist sharp objects as you roll over them.

Additionally, tires do age: and not very well at that!  Cracking in the tread and side-wall of the tire is a good indicator of a worn and weakened tire that is ready to be replaced.

Finally, tires also get cuts in them which weaken the tire and make it more prone to flatting.  Anything bigger than 3/16″ (4 mm) really ought to be addressed.

All of these symptoms are exceedingly common.  How common?  All 5 of the worn tires pictured below came into the store on Saturday, July 24th!


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One response to “Tire wear as a Cause of Flats”

  1. Mark says :

    Oh yeah, I know of what you speak….more flats than usual? Check for tire wear or have Matt & Chris at Sunset, my fav bike shop of choice check out the tire wear. YOu might get a little friendly “lip service’ with the “customer service”…but a few laughs is a small price to pay for fresh rubber replace if necessary!

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