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2010’s On Sale

We have just marked down our 2010 bikes. There are some great deals on the floor right now.  Give us a call or email if you are looking for a particular bike or to see what we have in your size. A few of the real good deals are listed below.

Felt 58m AR4 Demo….Regular price $3499, sale price $2500.00

Tarmac Expert C2….Regular price $3000, sale price is $2800.00

Roubaix Comp C2….Regular price $2400, sales price is $2100.00

We also have a few cross bikes left, and all Breezer bikes are priced to move.


2011 Roubaix Comp

New Roubaix Comps in-stock! Here is a triple we ordered for a customer. All new 105! It’s been hard to keep anything with new 105 in the store, but that should change as soon!

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Interbike 2010 Report

Part 1 of 2 (Find part 2 here)

Whether you consider me fortunate to get to go to Interbike probably depends on your opinion of the host city: Las Vegas.  But, while I couldn’t care less for Vegas; I’m a big bike nerd – so I think I’m one of the luckiest people on the planet.  Or should I say one of the luckiest 22,000+ people; as that’s how many people it draws!

There is always an overwhelming amount of stuff on display.  Some are highly advanced new developments or radical new products while others seem to attempt to fix a problem that doesn’t exist or are just downright scary.  But that’s what makes it entertaining.  What would a trade show be without some comedy relief? Read More…

2011 Specialized Hotrock Weights

We always have people asking about our kids bikes and what makes them different from the rest. There are many things on that list, but if we were to touch on just one of those it would be weight.

Why is weight important?

The example I like to use is that if you take a your average 40lb 5 year old and give them a 40lb bike, it is about the same as giving your average 180lb adult a 180lb bike and trying to ride it. When kids are trying to develope balance, why handicap them with a heavy bike? I encourage people when buying a kid’s bike to ask the weight or ask for the sales person to weight it. Here are the weights some of the Specialized Hotrocks.

More Pics of Suffer’n

Here are my pics from Pain and Suffer’n. There were not as many people this year with looks of death on their face as years past. Not sure if that is good or bad?


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Pain + Suffer’n Day 3

Another stunning day of bicycle racing on Bald Peak. Today’s featured event is cyclocross. The first race of the cyclocross season running until early December. An obstacle laced race course likened to steeple-chase foot racing, except you must dismount and carry your bike over barriers. For those of you that have not witnessed this, be sure to check out the Hood River Double Cross next weekend and the Battle at Barlow the following one. You can go to and click on “Schedule” to see all of the details. Oh yeah, there is this little cyclocross series that’s called Cross Crusade that can be found on the OBRA calendar as well, running from the first weekend in October through the first part of December. Enjoy the season!

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Pain + Suffer’n Day 2

Oh, what a glorious sunrise for the second day of mountain bike racing on Bald Peak. A little nip in the air, and just a hint that autumn is just around the corner. One of the “benefits” of promoting a race is the need for a early rise, so the course is set and ready to go.  Views of Mts. Rainier, Adams, St. Helens, Hood and Jefferson were possible today. Come on up early and watch the sunrise at about 6:15 and see the beehive of activity. Here a some photos of the XC mountain bike race from today.

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