Interbike 2010 Report

Part 1 of 2 (Find part 2 here)

Whether you consider me fortunate to get to go to Interbike probably depends on your opinion of the host city: Las Vegas.  But, while I couldn’t care less for Vegas; I’m a big bike nerd – so I think I’m one of the luckiest people on the planet.  Or should I say one of the luckiest 22,000+ people; as that’s how many people it draws!

There is always an overwhelming amount of stuff on display.  Some are highly advanced new developments or radical new products while others seem to attempt to fix a problem that doesn’t exist or are just downright scary.  But that’s what makes it entertaining.  What would a trade show be without some comedy relief?

There’s always a fair share of celebrity sightings to be had (I wasn’t quick enough with my camera for most of them; sorry).  I always seem to have a knack for bumping into former US Postal Service Team Super-Domestique Frankie Andreu and the man himself – Gary Fisher.  Other sightings this year: George Hincapie, Alessandro Petacci, Eddy Merckx, Greg LeMond, Greg Herbold, Greg Minnar (the Greg tri-fecta?) French National Cyclocross Champ; Francis Mourey, and Mr. Valentino Campagnolo.

Now for the product stuff (which is what you’ve been waiting for).  The two things I’ve been waiting the longest for are two new pedals from Speedplay and Shimano respectively.  Both companies have been teasing us for almost 2 years and are finally ready to show the product and start talking delivery dates.

First: the Speedplay Syzr (scissor).  This long-awaited remake of their offroad system is a huge improvement over the Frog.  The design looks to be as good at clearing mud as the Crank Bros. Eggbeater and Candy pedals (see Syzr photo below for evidence) but with promised improved durability and resistance to accidental disengagement.  It will also provide similar control over the amount and location of float as the respected Zero model.  I’m very excited about this pedal!

The Shimano PD-7900 is a pedal I have a bit of a history with.  I first learned of it’s potential existence in the winter of 2007-08.  I was looking to get Shimano pedals at that time, but wanted to hold out for this new, carbon fiber platform that I’d heard might be in the works.  So; I’ve been waiting for 3 years, been told numerous times that it doesn’t exist, but spotting prototypes all along.  We’ll I’ve finally gotten my hands on it (and back-orders placed) and it looks great (photo below).

Also from Shimano is a new, improved version of their CustomFit road and mountain shoes – the RD-315 is pictured below.  Lighter, stiffer, and more comfy than ever.

Finally, LeMond Fitness – known for gym-quality spin bikes (the RevMaster) – enters the indoor trainer market with a new direct-drive concept which promises quiet realistic resistance.  The system eliminates the rear wheel of the bike thereby eliminating undue tire wear – a particular benefit to knobby-tired mountain bike and cyclocross riders.  This also makes it a perfect warm-up trainer to take to races for MTB, cyclocross or time-trials as you no longer have to lug along a “trainer wheel”.  Just remove the bike from the cassette-style interface at the rear dropouts and install your race wheel.  Ready to go!

Other highlights of the photos:  A new color of the Ritchey BreakAway Cross travel bike, Beautiful carbon creations from Time and Colnago, Shimano’s long awaited, value-oriented RS80 C50 carbon wheelset, and a gorgeous Shimano/PRO Vibe 7s stem makeover with a new clamp.  Enjoy the photos and check back soon for highlights from day two.


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