Riding in Oakridge

I thought trying to squeeze a trip in the first week of October was going to be hit or miss, but with this years odd weather it was a big hit.  A few lessons were learned this time around.

  • Don’t start a ride on a new trail at 3:00pm in October when it says it will take 4-7hrs.
  • I should get a few points for sticking a flashlight in my camel back.
  • Have a plan on where get picked up if you have to pull a Bear Grylls in the woods.
  • Navigation and ride choice should be a group decision…or a free for all!

Trails we rode-

We started with a attempt at Bunch Grass to Huckletooth. The middle section of the trail is perfect and I now know where the trail got it’s name. Towards the end the trail looked nice, but it was hard to tell in the dark! It was only three fingers long on the map,  how long could that take?

Moon Point/Young’s Rock to Middle Fork. Starts with a 6-8 mile decent down to the river, super fast with a few little uphill sprints. Then we joined the Middle fork trail for the last 10miles. It is a near perfect river trail, lots of back and forth in and out of the woods, 3-4 little uphills that get you by surprise.

I keep saying the trails there are some of the best I have ever ridden. Even after a few snags over the weekend I will be making a few trips back this next year and stand by that statement.

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One response to “Riding in Oakridge”

  1. Lori says :

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing–it definitely looks like an awesome place for a ride.

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