Interbike 2010 Report (Part II)

In my first post on Interbike 2010 I focused on some of the new products I saw – and there is way more than we can hope to even cover here!  But, this time; it’s a short and sweet focus on the “Show” part of America’s largest bicycle trade show.

Interbike is in Vegas, so the bar is set pretty high already – but there’s plenty of companies up for the challenge.  Theme booths of many varieties – like a beach theme, or Planet Bike’s Camping themed booth this year are common.  Live bands are scheduled for entertainment and I’ve been witness to bagpipes and marching bands used to attract attention to various vendor’s booths. Lighting rigs that would rival small concerts, Large flatscreen televisions and projection screens rolling promotional videos that would rival anything on ESPN are the norm.

Special edition bikes and products, custom cars, models of every shape and size (yes, every shape and size), and sponsored athletes and celebrities add to the sometimes carnival-like atmosphere.

The hall is usually pretty packed – so it’s hard to get great pictures of very much (and do the business you’ve gone there to do…) – but enjoy the rest of the best of what I was able to get.


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