Custom Wool Socks!

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Our new custom Merino Wool socks have just arrived from our friends at Swiftwick.  If you have tried their Olefin Polyester socks, appreciate good mid-weight wool, or wear socks at all; you’re sure to love these!  The 4″ cuff keeps your ankles warm and the stylin’ black goes with everything.  Come n’ get some today!

If you’re not yet familiar with Swiftwick – you will be soon.  They are a rapidly growing company who’s products are made in the USA with an emphasis on conservation and recycling.  We stock their standard Olefin socks in the Zero and 1″ cuff and have Sunset Cycles custom designs available in the 2″ cuff and 4″ Merino Wool.


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3 responses to “Custom Wool Socks!”

  1. Burger says :

    I probably can’t drive an Audi like Mark, but I can wear Swiftwick socks.

  2. J. Weathers says :

    These socks kill — stylin’, warm and very form fitting — I now own 4 pairs. If you guys order some in 6″ cuff I’ll probably buy 4 more pairs … I need help!

  3. Dan Lautenbach says :

    As I get older I have discovered that life is to short for bad socks. These socks are great for cycling but i find myself grabing them first out of the sock drawer just to wear everyday. I have 5 pair now so I can have some by the weekend to ride with. Their fit is perfection and they are toasty will being breathable enough not to have them sweatin up the feet.

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