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Avid Shorty Ultimate Brakes

It used to be brakes from Paul Components that were the Brembo of the cross/touring bike world and they worked great. Could they be better….. short answerer is yes.

It’s like Avid read our minds and came out with Ultimate cross brake. There is not one fault with this brake that I have found on the sets we have installed.

Price- $100 is competitive to the other good adjustable brakes out there.

Narrow or Wide Stance- They are 2 brakes in one. You have the ability to run them different ways.  If you have a new bike and find that you keep hitting the rear brake on your dismounts….it’s a simple change to the narrow stance.

Pads- Road cartridge pads is a big plus. If you have carbon rims you know there are not many options to run with MTB brake pads. Carbon road inserts are easy to get and cheaper than their MTB counterparts also lots of wet weather options out there. The pads also have conical washers to adjust toe in; seams like a good idea to me and everyone else except TRP….

Barrel Adjuster?- I missed the picture of the adjuster. It slides in one end of the straddle cable and makes it super easy to remove the cable or take up the tension.

Weight- 113g (that’s what our gram scale said)

More info here on the SRAM site

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Avid Matchmaker

It’s the little things that get us excited around the shop. This week for me was the install of a product I have seen for a while just never had a bike that I could use it on. Most of you know that SRAM owns a few company’s, Rock Shox, Avid, Zipp, ect.  It makes perfect sense that some of the products should work together. SRAM has a part called the Matchmaker that cleans up the handle bars by integrating the brake and shifter clamps.

“Save weight and clutter on the bar with MatchMaker.  This system holds Avid® levers, a number of SRAM® triggers and RockShox PushLoc controls – all with one tidy, light clamp.”

Here are some before and after pictures- One thing that makes this so nice is the ability to change brake lever and shifter angle with a 4mm allen wrench….before you needed a 4mm for the brakes and a 5mm for the shifter. As you can see it’s the small things, no carbon, not flashy colors, just well thought out products.

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Stumpjumper EVO

The first of the EVO’s are here! This year Specialized looked at the modifications people were doing to their own bikes and did them for you on the EVO line. There are some models that aimed for less weight and efficiency and some aimed at creating a more capable descender/trail bike.

The Stumpjumer EVO we have in is a lightly modified version of the regular. The first things that jump out are the 67deg headtube angle vs 68.5 on the regular Stumpy and the little bit more travel. Also the little chain guide looks like serious business is about to happen.

More info-

  • M5 manipulated alloy frame for SJ Evo features slacker HT and lower BB with 145mm of travel,  ISCG O5 tabs
  • Custom Fox RP23-S rear shock.
  • Fox F150 RL air-sprung alloy fork with 15mm thru-axle, external lockout, and rebound.
  • Roval Control AL wheelset.
  • Both 2Bliss Ready, the S-Works Purgatory 2.2″ front tire works in concert with the Purgatory Control 2.0″ in the rear.
  • Specialized Command Post is a 3-position adjustable-height seatpost with remote lever for on-the-fly changes to riding position; 125mm travel
  • 2×10 SRAM Drivetrain, 36-24T Carbon S-2200 cranks, X9 Shifters, Xo RD, 11-36 Shimano Cassette.

Here are links to some of the other EVO’s, stop in and check it out. These bikes will not last long.

Stumpjumper EVO

Stumpjumper HT EVO

Epic EVO

Enduro EVO

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Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing has been around for a while now – some executions better than others…  And in today’s reality of electronic shifting and increasingly more “organic” designs it is surely here to stay.  As great as it looks – and as much of a benefit as it may be for keeping grit out of your cable systems – internal routing presents some unique challenges and requires extra care.  We took some extra pictures of the new 2011 Roubaix Expert (one of the best executions of internal routing we’ve seen yet) to help illustrate our points.

1. Initial set up and subsequent cable replacement is best left to a patient, experienced pro. Read More…

Felt 2011

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With 2011 on the horizon Felt has started to ship a good number of 2011’s. It can be hard to get a look at the new bikes as they go as fast as they come. This was the case with the F5 Special Edition which is full Shimano 105, BB30 ready, and full carbon frame. Ready to ride out of the box and coming in right at 17.5lbs. Other bikes we have instock are the Z5 and Z6 if you looking for something with a little taller headtube and that all day geometry.

Were dipping deeper into the mountain line also this year with the addition of the Nine hardtails and a larger run of the Q series 26” hardtails that we brought in late this season. Right now we have Nine Sports, Nine Trails, Q620’s and Q520’s with more on the way.

The slideshow above will highlight some of the details Felt has done with graphics and paint. They are the kings of color matching this year, which also means good attention to detail. We will keep updates going as we get new bikes in the shop.