Avid Shorty Ultimate Brakes

It used to be brakes from Paul Components that were the Brembo of the cross/touring bike world and they worked great. Could they be better….. short answerer is yes.

It’s like Avid read our minds and came out with Ultimate cross brake. There is not one fault with this brake that I have found on the sets we have installed.

Price- $100 is competitive to the other good adjustable brakes out there.

Narrow or Wide Stance- They are 2 brakes in one. You have the ability to run them different ways.  If you have a new bike and find that you keep hitting the rear brake on your dismounts….it’s a simple change to the narrow stance.

Pads- Road cartridge pads is a big plus. If you have carbon rims you know there are not many options to run with MTB brake pads. Carbon road inserts are easy to get and cheaper than their MTB counterparts also lots of wet weather options out there. The pads also have conical washers to adjust toe in; seams like a good idea to me and everyone else except TRP….

Barrel Adjuster?- I missed the picture of the adjuster. It slides in one end of the straddle cable and makes it super easy to remove the cable or take up the tension.

Weight- 113g (that’s what our gram scale said)

More info here on the SRAM site

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