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Bike Gift Ideas: Day20

Leading up to Christmas Eve, we’ll be helping you with your shopping!  We’re going to feature a new item each day for the next 20 days.  And most of these are something every rider needs – so they are sure to be a hit! So, check back and see the list grow – and hopefully get a few new ideas along the way!

Here we are – end of the list. “But my cyclist has everything – and you guys haven’t given me any good ideas.  I’m stuck and tomorrow is Christmas Eve” you say…?

Day 20: More Cowbell! – $12

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Showers Pass Roadie Pant

If you have you been looking  for a really good, breathable rain pant for the winter season, do I have a suggestion for you! The Showers Pass Roadie Pant just might be the answer. They are not cheap at $160, but well worth the money. This feature rich rain-pant uses the patented “Event” fabric which lets the sweat escape all the while keeping the rain out.  The thing that I noticed most on my commutes home – I don’t overheat! I especially like the snugger fit that most bulky rain-pants can’t match. The SP suspenders at $25 can easily be attached using Velcro strips at the waistband. The little “Gator” extension at the ankle deflect the water off of the top of cycling boots keeping your feet dry. I highly recommend the “SP Road Pant” and these beauties will give you many years of great service.

Making Tubeless Work for Cyclocross

There have been lots of e-mails back and forth between our team members about switching to tubeless for cyclocross. John Weathers was nice enough to write his thoughts down and share his info with us.

We know cyclocross season is winding down, but thought you might find this info helpful. There are tons of different combos of rims, tires, and tubeless products. We hope John’s insight into what worked for him this season for him will help with a few questions you may have.

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