Showers Pass Roadie Pant

If you have you been looking  for a really good, breathable rain pant for the winter season, do I have a suggestion for you! The Showers Pass Roadie Pant just might be the answer. They are not cheap at $160, but well worth the money. This feature rich rain-pant uses the patented “Event” fabric which lets the sweat escape all the while keeping the rain out.  The thing that I noticed most on my commutes home – I don’t overheat! I especially like the snugger fit that most bulky rain-pants can’t match. The SP suspenders at $25 can easily be attached using Velcro strips at the waistband. The little “Gator” extension at the ankle deflect the water off of the top of cycling boots keeping your feet dry. I highly recommend the “SP Road Pant” and these beauties will give you many years of great service.


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2 responses to “Showers Pass Roadie Pant”

  1. Dan Lautenbach says :

    I recently purchased the Roadie pant as well. I agree with everything Roger said plus I have never had rainpants that were so comfortable at the knee. The knee area doesn’t rub like a shell. Its fitted to the knee and again very comfortable. I have gone on 3 30 plus rides in the rain. One that was a constant downpour and was very impressed with their performance. I also bought the Elite 2.0 jacket and club shoe covers and feel I can ride all year now. It is very apparent that Showers Pass is a Portland company because they know about rain.

  2. Dan Lautenbach says :

    In my experiance the pants need the suspenders which are one size fits all. At 6.4 they are definitly at the limit but I think you will be much happier with the pants if they are coupled with the suspenders.

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