Bike Gift Ideas: Day20

Leading up to Christmas Eve, we’ll be helping you with your shopping!  We’re going to feature a new item each day for the next 20 days.  And most of these are something every rider needs – so they are sure to be a hit! So, check back and see the list grow – and hopefully get a few new ideas along the way!

Here we are – end of the list. “But my cyclist has everything – and you guys haven’t given me any good ideas.  I’m stuck and tomorrow is Christmas Eve” you say…?

Day 20: More Cowbell! – $12

What could be more unique than a Sunset Cycles cowbell?!  These are a hit at our race every year and make a great gift for your cyclist who races (for them to hand out to their cheering section so they can make some NOISE!).  No racing: still a great gift as a fun way to display your love for cycling – and it’s handy for the impromptu trip to the Tour of California, USGP of Cyclocross, or even the Tour de France!  Every good cycling fan needs a cowbell!

A Very Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at SUNSET CYCLES!

Day 1: Sunset Cycles Gift Card – Any $ Amount
Day 2: Ritchey TorqKey – $20
Day 3: Sunset Cycles Merino Wool Socks – $15
Day 4: Indoor Trainer and Accessories – $260 and up
Day 5: Pedros Pit Kit – $55
Day 6: CO2 4-Pack – $12
Day 7: Bike Computer – $30 and up
Day 8: Chain Lube – Under $10
Day 9: Tire Repair/CO2 Pack – $24
Day 10: Planet Bike Superflash Taillight – $25
Day 11: A Pair of New Tires – about $50 and up
Day 12: Arm or Knee Warmers – $35 – $55
Day 13: New Cleats for Riding Shoes – $20 – $40
Day 14: Riding Glasses – $60
Day 15: Riding Gloves – $30-$65
Day 16: Serfas True Headlight – $100 – $130
Day 17: Floor Pump – $30 – $70
Day 18: XLC Home Mechanic Tool Kit – $80
Day 19: CO2 Inflation – $20 – $30
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