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Pedros Cassette Tool

I have grown very tired of ill fitting chain whips, broken chain whips, chain whips that I…I mean Matt forgot to fix when they broke ect. I am not sure how this tool flew under my radar for so long. Thanks to a customer for pointing it out.

The basic tool consist of a pair of channel locks with a special jaw with some bolts through the jaw. It lightly grabs the small cassette ring and holds it tight while you spin off the locking. If you are swapping cassettes often at home it would be a great addition to your tool box.


Stars at Sunset…

This week in the store:

Brian Wilson and James Dean…


Store Remodel

It was time to give the store a little facelift – add some color and create some new display space.  We have some new, exciting products coming for you in spring and we wanted to make them a nice new home.

(click photos for larger version)

The above photos show what the clothing department looked like before we started the remodel.
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Magic in a Bottle

Dri Slide Bike Aid or less commonly know as Molybdenum-disulfide is our cable lube of choice in the shop. It comes out of the bottle wet and will move all the way through a long section of housing and then drys up. It leaves behind graphite/corrosion inhibitors. It being dry means it will not attract dirt or grime. We use this on almost every bike that goes in our stands.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Lasts a long long time.
  • Can be used on cables and housing, noisy seals, brake/derilleur pivots and lots more.
  • $14.99 for a 4oz bottle. I know it sounds like a lot for a little, but it takes us 3-4 months to go through a bottle using it 10hrs a day 7 days a week.

Cool Tools

We go trough a good amount of tools at the shop. Some of them may die a death due to modification, others get lost and our least favorite some may fail. When we get tools it’s almost as fun as getting new parts/bikes in the shop. Last week we got a new set of Calipers from Park (DC-1). I was skeptical of them because they look very similar to all the other offerings out there, we have gone through our fair share of those the last few years.

Our first impression is very good, a big step above what we were using before, easyier to read. The best feature is that it displays metric, decimal inch, and fractional inch. So now we know 5mm is .1970in or 25/128’s!

Tested: Swiftwick Merino Wool Socks

If you’re a regular reader – you’ve probably put together that we’re pretty excited about these socks.  We’re not the only ones either: our team is gobbling these up at an alarming rate!

But, many of you who have not tried them yet may still be asking yourselves; “What’s so great about some socks?”  Well, here’s your answer.

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Prolight VS Prevail

Here is a real quick look at 2 of the best helmets Specialized and Giro have to offer. Both Great helmets and a real hard choice to make. It comes down to fit and color in most cases we see.

Weight Giro 199g vs Specialized 229g (weighed by Sunset Cycles)

Retention System Both are nicely adjustable. Specialized offers a more classic system that everyone is used to, but at the expense of a little weight. The fit of the Giro is better than I expected. After a few rides I don’t think I would miss the tension dial that my current helmet has.

Vents- Both helmets have so many I stopped counting after 4…

Price Specialized $230 Giro $200

Employee’s Choice

Matt likes the Specialized because of adjust-ability and new look compared to the dated look of the Pneumo……I mean Prolight.

Roger likes the fit and color choices of the Specialized.

Chris chooses the Prolight cause someone needs to like it.


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