Tested: Swiftwick Merino Wool Socks

If you’re a regular reader – you’ve probably put together that we’re pretty excited about these socks.  We’re not the only ones either: our team is gobbling these up at an alarming rate!

But, many of you who have not tried them yet may still be asking yourselves; “What’s so great about some socks?”  Well, here’s your answer.

I’ve actually been wearing some of these for quite some time now.  The Merino wool is itch-less and Swiftwick’s blend wicks, disperses, and dries faster than other wool brands I have tried; making them perfect for everyday use in our fall and winter climate which can often see wet weather and temperatures irritatingly close to freezing for long periods of time.

At the end of a long, cold, rainy Portland day I can come home and slip my shoes off and still have warm, dry socks on my feet for lounging around at home.  Sweet!

But, this review isn’t about lounging around at home.  You want to know how they are for riding, right?  My most recent ride with these socks was below 40 degrees, overcast, breezy but still dry except for the occasional puddle on the road.  I was wearing my Merino socks, Shimano M-300 shoes, and Pearl Izumi Gavia shoe-covers; not bundled-up by any means. The shoe covers kept the wind at bay and let the socks do what they do best – insulate and keep my feet dry from perspiration (yes, your feet can sweat in the cold – sometimes that is actually the cause of cold feet if your socks don’t effectively wick, disperse, and dry). My feet were as comfortable as on a 65 degree spring day with my regular socks on!  What a welcome comfort to walk through the door at the end of 2 hours and slip off the shoes to comfy toes instead of icicles.

These socks are a great first-layer for any cold-weather activity or just basic every-day comfort on our drippy or snowy winter days.  They’ve proven to be super durable too – making them worth every penny of the $15 tag on our custom Sunset Cycles socks in the photo above.  We have a great selection of sizes in stock – and we’ll probably expand our offering to non-custom Merino socks next fall.

But – as I mentioned at the top: if our team keep purchasing these at the rate they are – you’ll have to beat them to get your own pair.  And they’re pretty fast! On that thought – you’d better call and reserve your pair right now…


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One response to “Tested: Swiftwick Merino Wool Socks”

  1. georgeavargas says :

    You want to talk about durability? I raced the Furnace Creek 508 – a 508 mile non stop ultra distance bike race with 35,000 feet of climbing. I wore the same pair of socks for 40 hours straight! Through all the temperature changes of desert floor of Death Valley through the ten mountain passes. Swiftwick Merinos are the best socks I have ever worn!

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