Store Remodel

It was time to give the store a little facelift – add some color and create some new display space.  We have some new, exciting products coming for you in spring and we wanted to make them a nice new home.

(click photos for larger version)

The above photos show what the clothing department looked like before we started the remodel.
The attached slatwall all came down, but it had been glued to the sheetrock, so it required quite a bit of patching texturing after it was removed.

We had to add some 4×4’s to the wall in one section in order to clear a drain pipe.

A few coats of paint and a new rail system and we’re ready to roll!  We even expanded the clothing department to display even more products. We’re really excited about the new look and all the versatility the system brings.  Stop by and tell us what you think!

And remember – new spring products are due any day now!


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One response to “Store Remodel”

  1. Bruce Schofield says :

    Your store is really coming along nicely! I’m super glad to see you went with a easy-on-the-eyes green color which goes well with the store’s brown ceiling. Keep it going, like I said before your store has all the basic current retail elements going for it. Good flooring, lighting, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project. Your customers will appreciate the effort.

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