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Guessing Game!

Guess what we just got!

No, seriously.  If you can guess what it is; you’ll win a nice prize: Our new Sunset Cycles “Purist” bottle from Specialized – a $10 value!

Here’s your hints:

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Have a guess?  You’ll need to get the brand and model correct to win. Enter by typing your guess in the comments section (click “leave a comment” above).  First correct response wins. Just like most games – there’s only one winner.

Sorry, Team Sunset Cycles (and emplyoees…) are not eligible to win…

Ready?  Go!


Just In: New Bottles

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What a coincidence; Specialized unveiled a new bottle just when we needed more!

The new Sunset Cycles bottles are in – and you want one.  Not only because they look stunning and are guaranteed to make you faster; but because it will stay cleaner, longer, with less residual taste and odor.

The new Purist bottle from Specialized is a great product, with or without our logo!  Matt’s been using one since November – look for his review soon!

Ergon Cleat Tools

Installing cleats on cycling shoes is not something to take lightly.  Mechanically, it’s pretty simple – yes.  But essentially, we’re fixing your feet to a single point on the pedal, sometimes allowing a small amount of free rotation, and then hoping that things are in the right spot so that theres no pain, misalignment, or chance of an over-use injury because something is not right.  Hmmm, not so simple…
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Specialized Command Seat Post

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As much as I did not want to give way to a “dropper” seat post, after a few rides last year on my Enduro I saw the light. My reservations may have been compounded by the nightmares of Moxey and Thudbuster seat post I still have to this day.

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2011 Team Kit

Here is the new 2011 Sunset Cycles team kit. We made a few changes, but kept the overall feel of last years. We were happy to add some new sponsors to the jersey for the 2011 season and look forward to working with all of them.

Current Sponsorship includes-

Pactimo, Shimano Parts, Pro Components, Showers Pass Clothing, Powerbar Nutrition, Felt Bike, and Giro Helmets.

Keep a eye out for us at events and on the road!

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K-Edge Chain Watcher

We’re pretty picky about front derailleur adjustments at Sunset Cycles.  It is our feeling that – for the most part – a properly adjusted front derailleur shouldn’t drop the chain off the chainrings.  And most of the time that is true; but sometimes an odd combination of components or conditions comes along and it’s just not possible.  Or in some cases you just want to protect your frame against the odd chance that you do drop your chain.  That’s where this handy gadget comes in to play.

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Massive Torque!

One could argue that the Torque Wrench has become the most valuable tool in a bike mechanic’s toolbox.  Can you assemble or fix a bike without one?  Absolutely.  But, what other tool helps you complete that work with the confidence that you’ve got every bolt tightened to manufacturer’s specification, without being so tight you’re damaging the parts?  That’s where the value lies: A torque wrench is cheaper than replacing a $200 seat post or $350 carbon handlebar!

You see, today’s ever-lighter aluminum and carbon components are still strong, but less tolerant to improperly applied torque.
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