K-Edge Chain Watcher

We’re pretty picky about front derailleur adjustments at Sunset Cycles.  It is our feeling that – for the most part – a properly adjusted front derailleur shouldn’t drop the chain off the chainrings.  And most of the time that is true; but sometimes an odd combination of components or conditions comes along and it’s just not possible.  Or in some cases you just want to protect your frame against the odd chance that you do drop your chain.  That’s where this handy gadget comes in to play.

The K-Edge chain watcher comes from Matt’s hometown of Boise, Idaho – and next to him (and potatoes) it’s probably Boise’s best product (oh, and Boise State football).  There are many products out there that accomplish the same result, but most of them depend on a round seat tube or other particular frame dimensions.

The K-Edge engineers knew that round seat tubes were becoming less common and they had a solution – mount the device on the front derailleur. (Oh yeah, that blue football field they have there is pretty cool too…) Using the anchor bolt for a braze-on style derailleur, the K-Edge works independently of the seat tube and still allows close adjustment to keep the chain from dropping past the small chain ring.  We’re quite happy with the results.

(Did you know that television was invented not far from Boise?) There are a couple of different versions of the device now – accomodating round seat tubes should you not have a braze-on (bolt on) style fron derailleur or not be willing to convert to one to sooth your woes.  It’s gained great favor in the Pro ranks for time trial bikes and famously won a TT World Championship aboard another Boise native’s bike: Kristen Armstrong.  If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

I guess with all this other great stuff coming out of Boise, Matt’s not that great after all…


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One response to “K-Edge Chain Watcher”

  1. Mark says :

    I liiiike it! But not blue football fields! Not everything new is as worthwhile and cool as this chain watcher…even Matt!

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