Ergon Cleat Tools

Installing cleats on cycling shoes is not something to take lightly.  Mechanically, it’s pretty simple – yes.  But essentially, we’re fixing your feet to a single point on the pedal, sometimes allowing a small amount of free rotation, and then hoping that things are in the right spot so that theres no pain, misalignment, or chance of an over-use injury because something is not right.  Hmmm, not so simple…

Our fitting services address this issue when you come and see us – and in pretty good detail.  But, did you know that we’re also working to help you have a more correct cleat position any time you have new cleats installed by us?  These Ergon cleat position guides are the tools we use in fitting to correctly adjust and document your cleat position in a fitting – and we use them when installing new cleats on shoes too!

There are three versions of the tool: one each for Shimano’s SPD and SPD-SL standards and for Look’s Keo standard.  The tool slides over the cleat itself after being loosely installed on the shoe.  We can then use the various markings and grids on the face of the tool to set the cleat’s fore and aft position, width, and rotation to better meet your body’s individual neutral positioning.  We don’t charge extra for this – we just do it because it works better for you.

Sure, it takes a little longer; and we’ll have to make some small reference marks on your shoes so that we know where your feet are positioned in them. But the end result should be much closer to what you’d already experience with a more thorough cleat fitting.  These tools let us do that so quickly and reliably that we just do it.

Now, this doesn’t take the place of an actual cleat fitting; whether performed ala carte or as a part of a full fitting service – as our cleat fitting also addresses any necessary angular adjustment as well as these other dimensions in more detail.  Finally, there is no substitute for having your cleat position evaluated dynamically while you are actually riding your bike.

So, next time your cleats need replacement or it’s time for new shoes – consider having us install them.  We don’t charge for cleat installation when you buy new shoes; and it’s only $5 otherwise.  We hope we’ll help you enjoy riding just a little bit more!

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