Specialized Command Seat Post

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As much as I did not want to give way to a “dropper” seat post, after a few rides last year on my Enduro I saw the light. My reservations may have been compounded by the nightmares of Moxey and Thudbuster seat post I still have to this day.

Initial setup was very easy. You can choose to use the supplied mount or the grip mount. The grip mount will work with all Specialized lock-on grips and some others also; this helps clean up the bars. The hardest part of installation was routing the cable to keep it out of harms way. I would also make sure to take a allen wrench along on the first ride to adjust the lever position. When setting up the cable, I also found it easy to have the seat off and use a larger washer on the bolt to help grab the cable. Make sure you play with cable length in both the extended and compressed settings to find the right balance of length.

My first ride impressions were really good. When riding fast technical trails I found it made a big difference. If you find yourself wanting to push the downhill a little harder on your AM/XC bike this would be a great way to gain some confidence.

The only observations I noted are that I wish it was offered with only 2 positions instead of three as I will never use the lowest setting. Additionally, having a lower profile handle bar lever would be nice. I believe we will see more and more of this style post out there and being standard equipment on bikes.


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