Guessing Game!

Guess what we just got!

No, seriously.  If you can guess what it is; you’ll win a nice prize: Our new Sunset Cycles “Purist” bottle from Specialized – a $10 value!

Here’s your hints:

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Have a guess?  You’ll need to get the brand and model correct to win. Enter by typing your guess in the comments section (click “leave a comment” above).  First correct response wins. Just like most games – there’s only one winner.

Sorry, Team Sunset Cycles (and emplyoees…) are not eligible to win…

Ready?  Go!


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2 responses to “Guessing Game!”

  1. Lori Clarke says :

    A fun game! It kind of looks like the Felt F1.

  2. sunsetpdx says :

    Winner, winner, winner. Nice work, Lori! Everyone else was too chicken to take a stab at it. We’ll have a bottle here with your name on it!

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