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Shock Service?

Had a interesting conversation with a person at Specialized customer service this past week. I called to order some small parts for a rear shock that was not holding air. They listed the parts I needed as the “50hr service kit”, meaning this was to be done at 50hr ride time intervals. This got me thinking about how many people follow the recommended service for their forks and rear shocks? We see very few a year and I am also very guilty of also going past the recommended service. However, there is no better way to keep your shock operating smoothly and lasting longer.

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Dirty Bike ?

A clean bike is a happy bike. We always have customers asking how we clean bikes in the store. I did this post to show you how we do it on our own bikes. The pictures below shows my MTB bike after one ride at Sandy Ridge this past weekend. As tempting as it is to hose it down when you get home we do not recommend it. There are lots of areas where the water will get in and cause issues down the road/trail, bearings, cables, freehub body, suspension pivots ect.

This is my post ride routine. You can get away with less, but missing something like a rear wheel slightly out or the hanger not spot on will just cause issues down the road. You can do this in about 25min or less if your not dealing with mud.

-Attention-No pressurized water was harmed in the making of this post.

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Pearl Clothing is here!

Now stocking Pearl Izumi clothing. We just got in our spring order and more on the way. Stop by and check it out.


Remodel Continued–

Sunset Cycles has been busy this winter. If you been in the store in the last few weeks you may have noticed our clothing section was upgraded with new paint, fixtures, and a new brand! We are now into the second part of the upgrades. You will get a idea of what we did from the pictures, but please stop in and let us know what you think!

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Rolf Prima TRI

Rolf just sent us a flyer for a event they have coming up in Cottage Grove, more info below.

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Here is the info I got from Rolf!

There has been a lot of news recently about a California company putting on a new triathlon in Eugene. With so many events happening in our back yard it’s going to be a great summer in Oregon for triathletes; featuring the Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove on July 24th, the Duck Bill Thrill in May and a newly announced event in Lane County in August.

The Tri at the Grove is brought to you by local companies with local partners. From the high quality swag to the minimizing and recycling of all items, we are working to reduce our footprint in the community.

Are you new to triathlon? This is a great venue for your first race. A beautiful, calm lake and low-to-no traffic roads for the bike and run.  Are you an experienced triathlete? This course is prime for good splits and will involve serious local and national competition. Want to race with family and friends? Be on a relay team and support each other.

Register now at

Tri local!


When: July 24, 2011

Where: Cottage Grove, OR (30 minutes south of Eugene, OR)

Races: Olympic and Sprint distances

Fun: Local food and music plus a pro-panel with local and national professional triathletes. Come ask the pro’s for training, nutrition and equipment tips.

BG DATA Fitting Review

Joe English from dropped by to have us set up and fit his new Felt B2 Tri bike.  Joe has some big goals that I’m fully confident that he’ll see success with: Duathlon Master’s Nationals in April with hopes of qualifying for Worlds.

Joe didn’t even tell me he was planning to write an article until we’d almost finished with his second session – so it’s not like I’d pulled out any more stops than usual; but he was exceptionally kind and I think rather objective.  He touches on some particularly important aspects of tri and aero fitting that are often overlooked and I’ll probably write and article on here sooner or later.

Check out Joe’s article:

Team in Training Westside Ride

About 50 TNT guests arrived at the store early Saturday morning for one of their many training rides. It’s the third year in a row that Sunset Cycles has hosted the ride. The Team in Training organization raises money that benefits The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society through a number of different types of participations; walking, running, hiking, cycling and triathlons.

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