Dirty Bike ?

A clean bike is a happy bike. We always have customers asking how we clean bikes in the store. I did this post to show you how we do it on our own bikes. The pictures below shows my MTB bike after one ride at Sandy Ridge this past weekend. As tempting as it is to hose it down when you get home we do not recommend it. There are lots of areas where the water will get in and cause issues down the road/trail, bearings, cables, freehub body, suspension pivots ect.

This is my post ride routine. You can get away with less, but missing something like a rear wheel slightly out or the hanger not spot on will just cause issues down the road. You can do this in about 25min or less if your not dealing with mud.

-Attention-No pressurized water was harmed in the making of this post.

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One response to “Dirty Bike ?”

  1. Jesse says :

    Ya, really could have used this a few days ago Chris. I hosed my bike off and now the bottom bracket is frozen stiff. Might need you to show up a little early Sunday.

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