Shock Service?

Had a interesting conversation with a person at Specialized customer service this past week. I called to order some small parts for a rear shock that was not holding air. They listed the parts I needed as the “50hr service kit”, meaning this was to be done at 50hr ride time intervals. This got me thinking about how many people follow the recommended service for their forks and rear shocks? We see very few a year and I am also very guilty of also going past the recommended service. However, there is no better way to keep your shock operating smoothly and lasting longer.

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Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but being we live in the Pacific Northwest it tends not to be in our favor. What about a bike that has low hours and sits around most of the time? Guess what kind of bike I needed the service kit for? It was a 2009 Stumpjumer Expert that was in showroom condition!

Fox recommends a service every 30hrs and Specialized every 50hrs. There are too many variables to list, but if you have never had it done it’s time. Cost can vary depending on make, model and parts needed, but it’s under $100 most of the time. Feel free to call or swing your bike in and ask.

-Our basic Guide-

Riding regular 2-5hrs a week in all weather you should be doing this about 4-5 times a year.

With moderate riding and more favorable weather conditions 2-3 times a year.

A bike with occasional use could use this about one time a year.


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