Sandy Ridge Super D

What is Super D?

“A Super D race is best described as a downhill cross country race. It is shorter than a cross country race, most of the time a hour or less. They will have more technical sections along with a few sections that require some significant pedaling.”
Thankfully, Oregon has some great semi local areas to run this style of racing. The Spring Brake race series was new addition to the OBRA calender this year and held just outside of Sandy Oregon. Drawing around 80 racers per race through the series which is good considering the weather this month. The trail is a mix of fast technical single track up top which moves to a pump track style bottom section. Course length was about 4 miles with just a little climbing. Time was made or lost on the first section and the slight climb to the second section. Everyone was moving along fairly well on the bottom.

During the first race we were fighting long waits up at top in 40 degree weather due to big gaps being given to each rider. The second race everyone learned and was more prepared. I had many more layers of clothing and also took my time getting to the start as not to be standing around getting cold. Hard rains during the week mucked up the trail a lot and was some of the worst mud to try to ride fast. The third race had the best conditions overall, still cold and snowy up top, but the lower section was pretty tacky and the times were fast considering the conditions. Thanks to the promoters; it was great way to start the season!

Here are some pictures from the series taken by Allison Ware and Liz Hulvalchick. Thanks for standing out in the rain all day!

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Stay tuned for the Oregon Super D series coming up, dates below.

Race 1: Hood River – May 28th & 29th
Race 2: Bend – July 2nd & 3rd
Race 3: Oakridge – August  7th
Race 4: Sandy Ridge – September 3rd & 4th


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