Felt F1 with Shimano Di2

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This sweet machine made it’s way through the store on the way to it’s new owner’s home not too long ago.  The Felt F1 is absolutely bristling with new technology and we couldn’t help but snap a photo or two and show it off to you! (We couldn’t even wait long enough to finish the build!  Sorry for the un-cut steerer tube and brake cables…)

First: The frame.  This is the new F-Series from Felt – fresh off a complete overhaul.  A new molding process producing a lighter frame with less excess and cleaner lines; new and improved carbon lay-up schedules; tapered headtube; oversized BB30 bottom bracket and improved ride quality are the results.  Oh yeah, it’s lighter too…

Next: components. Shimano’s new Di2 group is receiving glowing reviews with each passing day and is featured on the F1.  The electronic shifting system takes the crisp and precise shifting that Shimano’s top-tier group is known for and improves on it with quicker, more effortless shifting while reducing maintenance by removing the steel cables which are prone to coming out of adjustment.  This new “shift-by-wire” system succeeds where others have failed and has pushed the industry to respond or be left behind.  Shimano electronic shifting is here to stay!

Our more astute readers will note that the bottom bracket is BB-30; but the Dura Ace 7900 crankset uses a standard 24mm diameter spindle.  Felt adapts to the smaller diameter with a very well executed pair of adapters and the bike feels no different under sprints and “spirited” climbing.

Wheels? Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate tubular.  If it’s possible to make a wheel element out of carbon composite; it’s present on this wheelset. Rims, hubs, and spokes all in carbon for maximum weight savings – and; the decals are reflective!

Rounding out the build is Felt’s house-brand Devox carbon handlebar, seatpost, and carbon-railed saddle.

Out of the box; this 58cm weighed in at 13.5 lbs before pedals. Even without going to super-light pedals, you’d still be under the UCI’s 15-pound weight limit.  Add even mid-weight bottle cages and you’re still underweight.  And you don’t have to be a Pro to have one!  At this weight; you might as well train and race with your power meter.

Di2 battery placement is out of the way and super-clean on the F1; placed right behind the bottom bracket on the left chainstay.  Cable routing is well executed and doesn’t seem to present any foreseen issues.  After a quick test-ride; we say “well done” to Felt.


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