Cateye INOU GPS Camera

Recently our Cateye sales rep was in and showed us what’s new for the upcoming year. While looking through all the regular stuff; lights, computers, etc he showed us a new GPS video/still camera they have. With all the other offerings for cameras out there right now I did not take a second look, but after looking at the website where you upload your trips ( I was sold.

The INOU will track your trip and allow you to take pictures or video during a ride. After uploading it to the INOU Atlas site you can follow your Trip route on the map, view the photos and movies taken on the way. We have one that we will be sending out on as many rides this winter as we can. Check our profile ( ) as we upload more rides.


Here are the important specs-

AAA alkaline battery / Rechargeable battery x 2
Battery life:
6.5 hrs. runtime with GPS logging
6 hrs with GPS logging + auto photo recording (1’ intervals)
2.5 hrs with GPS logging + video recording
Recording medium:
microSD card HC (up to 32GB)
Automatic photo recording interval:
(1, 2, 5, and 10 minute intervals)
Record pixels:
640 x 480 pixels (VGA) 30 / 15 fps

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