Errands by Bike

At Sunset Cycles our staff covers almost all types of riding. Everything from mountain, road, cyclocross, commuting, downhill ect. David is one of our newest employees at the Portland store  and covers the commuting category very well. He just did this write-up about doing errands by bike. If you have any questions on getting your bike set up with the stuff you need to make trips like his easy he is your guy. David can help get you set up with fenders, lights, racks and bags and everything else.

Errands by Bike

With the day off this past Friday and nice weather (sunny but cool), I decided it would be a good day for a bike ride. The only problem was I had a few errands that I really needed to get done before the weekend. It would have been easy to just blow off the bike ride and hop in the car but instead I grabbed the commuter bike and headed out.

Living near the shop in Bethany, I went down Kaiser to 143rd and through Terra Linda to Saltzman. Then it was up the hill on Barnes to the credit union for my first stop. Hopping back on the bike, I finished off the hill to the Sunset Transit Center and turned my trip multi-modal, catching MAX and arriving at SW 10th and Yamhill about 15 minutes later. With the bike safely locked up near the main Library, I had a brief visit with my dentist and then did a little holiday window-shopping before making the return trip, this time ending up at the Beaverton Transit Center. Taking Center Street to Hall, I was at New Seasons in a few minutes so I could pick up groceries to make lasagna (which was delicious by the way) and then headed for home. To get there, I went up Hocken to Jenkins to Murray before retracing my pedal strokes through Terra Linda.

The total trip was 23 miles (11 by bike and 12 by MAX) and with stops took 2 hours and 42 minutes. If you haven’t ridden in traffic much, fear not, the bike lanes on the busier streets make for a drama free ride. All in all, not a bad way to get a little exercise and still get things done.


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