Bike Fitting is Here!

Staffer, Joey was recently fitted on his road bike. He will be making some big changes to his set up to get it closer to the desired result, but keep in mind this is not always the case. John also fitted Ashley on her new bike and the changes were minor. Here is Joey’s report…

“Although I have been an avid cyclist for over a decade I have yet to receive a professional bike fitting. I have had a few amateur bike fittings by previous co-workers of mine but felt that each experience left something to be desired. That is why when my co-workers here at Sunset Cycles offered me the opportunity to receive a professional bike fitting I jumped at the chance.The bike fitting I would receive was going to be with Sunset Cycles newest employee John Forbes. Along with being an accomplished professional bike fitter, John has also competed at a high level in bicycle racing. From his own experience as a racer, he strongly feels that being properly fit to a bicycle allows him and others to ride at their fullest potential.

John utilizes two different types of fit systems: Wobble Naught and Specialized’s BG FIT. Since several of our employees are already familiar with the BG FIT system, John wanted to take the opportunity to show us how the Wobble Naught fit system works by performing a Wobble Naught fit on yours truly.John began my fitting by entering in an extensive amount of data regarding my physique.  Besides the obvious data (like my height, weight, age, etc.), John plugged in many other measurements into the Wobble Naught software program. Measurements were taken from my shoulders, arms, spine, legs, and feet.

After entering in all of the data into the Wobble Naught software John determined that I was a perfect candidate for a bike fit because I was currently riding a road bicycle that did not fit me properly. John presented my co-workers and I with a laundry list of reasons that my bike did not fit me properly.  First, my cleats were too far forward and misaligned. Second, my saddle was positioned too high and forward. Third, my handlebar was too narrow (40cm vs a 44cm) and angled down. Fourth, my stem was 10mm longer than it needed to be. Fifth, my shoe insoles were packed out and didn’t have a high enough arch for my foot.

At the end of the fitting John encouraged me to order in all of the necessary parts that would make my bike fit properly. Once the parts arrive and are installed I plan to take my road bike out for a spin to see how the fit works for me. The great thing is that John guarantees all of his fits and is willing to follow up with me (and all of his customers) to make sure I am happy with the end result. Stay tuned for an update regarding how my first ride goes after my new parts are installed.”

 If you have any fitting questions you can call the shop or e-mail John at Also, stay tuned for a look at the revamped fitting program offered at the shop.

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