2012 Specialized Kids Bike Weights

We often get asked what makes the kids bikes we sell different than all the others. One big factor is the bikes in our store are the lightest we have seen in their respective category’s. This translates many benefits to the young rider and also helps them overcome the steep learning curve. Along with this we also offer free assembly, lifetime frame warranty, expert sizing and full service on all bikes we sell.  
The weights listed are all 2012 models right out of the box.
12″ Hotrock – 15 lbs 2 ounces
16″ Hotrock – 19 lbs 4 ounces
20″ Hotrock Coaster – 23 lbs 3 ounces
20″ Hotrock Street 6 Speed – 21 lbs 7 ounces
20″ Hotrock 6 Speed – 24 lbs 2 ounces
24″ Hotrock 7 Speed – 26 lbs 13 ounces
24″ Hotrock Street 21 Speed – 24 lbs 4 ounces
24″ Hotrock A1 FS – 26 lbs 6 ounces

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2 responses to “2012 Specialized Kids Bike Weights”

  1. RC says :

    How much weight does it knock off without training wheels?

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