Product Update SKS Long Raceblades

In our last newsletter we showed a new product we were really excited about. This was a new FULL coverage fender from SKS called the Race Blade Long. The older style worked, but lacked in good mounting points and always seamed to move around. On a group ride, the old SKS Raceblade’s were better than nothing, but you might still get shunned to the back of the pack.

To sum up the install all I have to say is it was super easy! To install a full coverage fender set on a typical road bike it would take us around 30-40min. This would include chopping fenders in half and making brackets as needed. This set of Race Blades took us around 15min.  I think the next set will take 5-10min!

Full coverage, easy to install and affordable price.  So far the best new product I have seen in the last few years!

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