Customer Review (Stumpjumper EVO 29er)

Here is a nice review of a customers 29er he got a while back. Thanks for the feedback Jeff!

Specialized Stumpjumper HT EVO 29 review
By: Jeff Walton
Back in February I purchased my first ‘brand new’ mountain bike in many years. Up until this purchase, it seemed difficult to find a good frame with good components in a package that was either available, or reasonably priced.
The 29’ers were starting to peak my interest right about the time that Sunset Cycles conveniently opened their second store one block from my house. Roger and his staff introduced me to the Specialized line of bikes. During my many years of riding, I was not that familiar with the brand. So after a few visits and discussions with Roger, I set my sights on a Stumpjumper HT EVO 29 , but was not 100% sold on the decision.
Being an experience rider and salesman, Roger brought one in my size, convinced if I rode it, I would buy it. Roger was spot on. So after a quick demo ride, I knew I had to have it.
Two hundred miles later, the bike has nearly met every expectation and exceeded a few. My initial apprehension of the single gear up front was quickly dissolved with my first ride in Forest Park up to Skyline and back. With the 11-36 in the back and the 33 up front, I had plenty of range for both the climb and the decent. The SRAM shifting package [X0 compact derailleur, X7 shifter] is effortless and worry free. The shifting is responsive, accurate and smooth, even under moderate to heavy load.
The most impressive part of my riding experience is how fast this bike is. With the option of locking the Fox Float 29 Evolution RL fork out, climbing with this bike is as easy as any bike I have ridden. Downhill the bike is equally as impressive, where it hugs the single track as well as my 26” full suspension bike, even over technical terrain.
The only drawback has been the brakes. The Avid Elixir 7 SL system has left me wanting more from a company I have used for years. Initially the rear brake was send from the factory with air in the line, which led to a heart pounding decent when it completely went away on my first real decent. Roger and his team quickly resolved this, but the Elixir system does not impress. The system feels ‘squishy’ and fails to provide the same feedback I have been accustomed to with the Juicy series. With a bike of this caliber, braking confidence is a must.
At the end of the day what separates this bike from its peers is value. I could have easily spent much more for a bike of equal billing and performance. Given my total experience with this bike it is likely you will see another Specialize bike in my corral in the future.


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