Specialized Dealer Event – 2013 – Day 2

WOW! Where do I start? What a absolutely great day. Yesterday’s late afternoon thunderstorm knocked down any sign of dust making for perfect mountain bike riding conditions. Slathered up with lots of sunscreen to prevent getting sunburned while riding the chairlift up the mountain, I chose a carbon Epic 29’r for the first trip down. The single track route matured nicely from when I first rode three years ago, and the Epic handled it beautify. My next bike of choice was a Pro Camber carbon 29’r. For 2013 both models come with Specialized proprietary “autosag” making suspension setup a breeze. The machines worked flawlessly with operator error accounting for a couple of instances of not being able to keep the rubber side down. Nothing broken, but the Camber’s right brake and shift levers did get a little askew. That’s what mechanics are for, right! Some great presentations rounded out the rest of the day – equipment, fitness/urban bikes and finally road performance. The much rumored Roubaix SL4 and disc brakes on road bikes are here. Road demo is scheduled first thing in the morning. Stay tuned.  –Roger

On display is the new Specialized Turbo electric bike. Introduced in Europe earlier in the year the Turbo will not make it into the US until 2014 having been described as “to fast” with a top speed of 28 mph.


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