A Trip to Specialized

I spent the first week of October at Specialized HQ in Morgan Hill, CA for BodyGeometry FIT training, learning the latest and greatest research in bicycle fitting. Additionally I had a sneak peak at some of the up coming Specialized technologies including some of the 2013 road bikes the Roubaix with the much discussed Cobl-Gobl-R and the Venge.

Disclaimer, I am a long-time Tarmac Rider and truly love my Tarmac having no ambition to ride any other frame. The Venge accelerated effortlessly and sliced through the wind, though nearly every imperfection in the road could be felt

On the Roubaix I experienced the opposite, not being accustomed to Zertz I felt few of the bumps, the Cobl-Gobl-R took a good amount of the movement transferred through the frame and made it disappear, while when I went to shift my weight it did feel as if I had a flat rear tire due to the flex of the seat post.

All in all it was a fun, informative trip. We are excited to once again offer BG FIT fittings. Fittings are now being scheduled to be done at the Bethany Store.
Matt Bloom
BG FIT Technician

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