SKS Fender Review

Here is a review of the SKS Raceblade Long Fenders that one of our Sunset Cycles team members, John B did. We also did a write up on them last year. See that artical here.

John’s thoughts:

“This is my 3rd set of Road Fenders. I should start of by saying that I am very pleased. My other two sets are the Raceblade Classic and the SKS Chromo Plastic.

Here is what I like:

Best coverage of the three- no complaints of wheel wash from those behind me. Also the extra rubber end flaps are very secure. I have had problems with my Raceblade losing the rubber flaps. The coverage is great. This is not saying a lot compared to the Raceblades, but they are better even than the Chromoplastics which I had to add a plastic flap to help rid the rear spray issues.
The alignment is super easy- I have not had wheel rub or coverage alignment issues with the Raceblade longs, and I have had both issues with both my other two fender sets.
Easy Installation- No removing of screws. Just have to loosen the screw holding the brake calipers and slide in the two metal snap-on flanges, and remove your Quick Release Skewer Springs and inser the snap-on metal flanges. The only rub is in tightening the brake bolt. Use a torque wrench so that you don’t damage the frameset.
Weight- These are nice and light and dont require any bolt/washer/nut combos.

Here is what I don’t like:

You have to loosen the bolt on the brakes. It requires doing and with a carbon frame you may want to have someone help you with a torque wrench. It also makes it a bit easier to rotate my calipers. Not a big issue since road calipers self-center.
The metal flanges stay behind when they snap off. Not a big issue with the flanges on the axles, since they can be popped off easily but the flanges need to stay behind on the brakes. I like the solution and don’t have a better suggestion, but wish that the flanges didn’t have to stay on the brakes. They don’t but it requires more work to remove them.

I have been very pleased with my set. They worked really well in the rain based on my experience and comments from riding partners. I have not tested them on a cross bike, and I doubt they would work since the tires are bigger, but my framset (Fuji Cross Comp) has holes that would hold the flanges that attach to road brakes. (A XL version of this fender will be out soon)

Finally, to be candid, I also had my set installed by Matt at Sunset, and that may have helped, but if you have a torque wrench, they can go on very easily. But I liked having the shop install mine.” John B


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