Epic Comp Carbon 29’r Review

New Sunset Team guy Terry R just took delivery of his new Specialized Epic Marathon Carbon 29’r a short time ago and here is how he explains his experience…

I once heard a person say, “It’s not about the bike.” I now realize that person is not always truthful! It’s ALL about the bike (well It’s a lot about the bike)!
I rode the Wilson River Trail (WRT) last week with Dan and pre-rode the Echo Red-2-Red course yesterday and came away very happy with my choice to buy my Specialized Epic Marathon Carbon 29. I’ve read reports that 29ers are not as fun as 26ers. This bike is MORE fun than my 26er! It’s surprisingly quick handling, agile, and climbs like a mountain goat! Because of the traction that a 29″ tire offers I’ve been able to climb steep, loose sections that I would have spun out on with a 26′ tire, plus they roll right over tough obstacles.
I was somewhat concerned about the SRAM XO Grip Shift shifters the bike came with. Once again I have no regrets. So far I’ve experienced smooth, crisp, and solid shifting, with just one mis-shift (first day using them) and no dropped gears. The front almost feels effortless to move between the chainrings. The rear allows huge swaths of gears to be rolled through on the cassette, or just one at a time.
The only problem I had was a broken chain at the top of the WRT, which Chris took care of right away.
In summary, this bike makes “mole hills out of mountains”. Now if I can just make the engine as strong as the bike I’ll have the full package.
Thanks for your support,
Check out a few pictures of Terry’s Epic below.

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