SR Suntour Suspension Clinic


I recently got the opportunity to attend an informative and fun SR Suntour suspension clinic at Portland’s own Lumberyard MTB Park.  The clinic was instructed by Andrew Fiore and Nick Hannah-Moore who work for SR Suntour’s North American service and aftermarket sales facility in Vancouver, Washington.  In addition to being knowledgeable and nice, these 2 were also generous enough to give everyone in the class free Stumptown coffee, Voodoo donuts, and enough suspension swag to keep any shop mechanic happy.

Andrew began the clinic by explaining SR Suntour’s current fork and rear shock lineup.  They produce forks and rear shocks for practically every type of mountain bike on the market. All the models are serviceable and offer different levels of adjustability based on the price level of the particular shock.  All high end forks contain air/oil cartridges while all entry level forks contain oil dampers and springs.

After giving a rundown on each of the models features, Andrew changed the oil and seals on 1 high end air fork and 1 low end coil fork.  Judging by Andrew’s demonstration and from personal experience, the forks and rear shocks are relatively easy to service and the ride quality will be significantly increased after performing even a simple oil/seal change.


Once the clinic wrapped up I got a chance to ride several different lines at the Lumberyard on my Mountain Bike.  It was a great workout, skills tester, and atmosphere.  Also, people of all skill levels can ride there.  Finally, for those who don’t choose to ride there is even a bar and grill.

So if any of you readers out there own a Mountain Bike with suspension fork(s) and/or rear shock(s) that you would like to get checked out, please bring your bike into Sunset Cycles for an inspection.  A technician will gladly inspect your shocks and recommend any services that may be necessary to bring your suspension components back to factory condition.  Furthermore, our technicians can help tune your front and rear shock settings according to your weight and riding style. –Joey K



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