The MTB Race Season Starts

The first mountain bike race of the season kicked off last weekend in Echo Oregon. Sunset Cycles had a great showing at Echo Red 2 Red XC and from what we have heard everyone enjoyed the course and had great results.

  • Dan L 7th Place Clydesdale
  • Terry R 8th Place Cat 2
  • Jeff O 2nd Place Cat 1
  • John W 11th Place Cat 1

Here is what Terry thought about the race riding his new Epic Marathon.

I had a great time at Echo Saturday. My race strategy was to start out easy and conserve energy until about half way through…that strategy went out the window at the start! I realize now that if you don’t stay with the “peloton” from the start you’ll be left behind. So I stayed in the group and was able to advance during the rolling start.

Once we got on single track I was able to settle in andget my heart rate at a reasonable pace. I got behind other racers that were moving at a pace I was comfortable with, waited for them to fade, and then passed when possible. I wasn’t able to preride the first (north) part of the course so I was surprised with some of the technical aspects of it, although I made it through all of them with out putting a foot down.

Once we crossed over to the south part of the course I had really settled in. I found that the longer the race went the better I felt. I passed many riders the last quarter of the race, most of them on the climbs. That made be feel better about doing the upcoming 50-100 mile races I have in store.

I ended up finishing 8th, out of 25, in Cat 2 Men’s 50-59! I couldn’t have asked for better results for my first race ever!

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