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Terry @ Mudslinger

Mudslinger 2013

Mudslinger was…well…MUDDY! What a shock coming from my last race: 85f, sunny, desert! It was cold and wet warming up in the morning. Paul and I had to hop in the truck, heater blasting, after warming up in order to warm up.

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True Grit 2013

Last month, Terry R traveled to Utah and raced True Grit. The technical xc mountain bike race pushed his skills to levels as chronicled is this report. Makes you almost want to try it, (huh?).

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Team Sunset Cycles @ Mudslinger

Dan L along with a few of his closest buddies went XC mountain (Mudslinging) near Corvallis (Blodgentt) this past Sunday with great results racking up two first, one second and two fifth place fiinshes. As reported by Dan, here is how it went down:

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