Team Sunset Cycles @ Mudslinger

Dan L along with a few of his closest buddies went XC mountain (Mudslinging) near Corvallis (Blodgentt) this past Sunday with great results racking up two first, one second and two fifth place fiinshes. As reported by Dan, here is how it went down:

You know you’re in for a treat when the promoter tells you the survival skill needed to survive the  lightning storm  predicted to hit  during the middle of the race.  Awesome!  Started with my Clyde brethren just ahead of the cat 2 women and they were all frothy and mouthy yelling at all the donut boys that they were going catch us and  crush us.  And when the gun went off we fled like the  Blair Witch was chasing us.  Honestly I think we were all crying a little too.  I mile in I lost the ability to run  the gears from 2 on up on the little ring because of the chain suck.  Was worried because this was still on the logging road and not even the bad stuff yet.  I started going through the big puddles to try to wash and free up the chain.   I switched up to the big ring and just stood when I could and tried to only use the small ring on the really steep hills.  The single track was so mucky.  Panama was the color of terra cotta and made a surprisingly  loud sound as you’re tire tried to go through it.  The best way to change direction was to lean more than steer.  Had my mucky nuts plastic mini fender mounted on the fork with the crud catcher on the down tube and was real happy with it.   Looking at Jeff’s  pic I know I was much better off. Jeff I have to be honest.  I laughed really hard,  but it was in a very respectful manner. If I would have seen that coming at me I would have rather fought the Blair Witch.   2nd lap I came up on Terry who  was running his desert tires at way too high of pressure.  Was coming down Panama behind him and he just stuck the front in a huge rut.  Bike stopped and as the back wheel passed the front wheel Terry let go and did the Scorpion.  That’s when you hit the ground with your chest and your cleats hit the top of your helmet.  As I went by he was already reaching back to get back in the race.  He passed me on the logging road and I would pass him on the single track.  Very impressed with him as this was his first real Oregon mud race.  By the end he had been baptized by the mud and is ready for the TOE.  Felt pretty good during the race as I hone in my Paleo pre meal.  Sweet potatoes seem to give me that starchy Carb that helps the first hour or so.  Carrying less weight also seems to help especially the last half  of the race.  Finished 2nd in a small division and still way behind John, Jeff and Paul.  It was a great race even though it was a challenging one.  Was so hungry I ate a little spaghetti and left to get my burger in Albany before the raffle and awards.  Managed to catch my daughters last game in Salem so I kind of felt like super dad.


Photos courtesy – Shane Youngl of Oregon Velo

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