Terry @ Mudslinger

Mudslinger 2013

Mudslinger was…well…MUDDY! What a shock coming from my last race: 85f, sunny, desert! It was cold and wet warming up in the morning. Paul and I had to hop in the truck, heater blasting, after warming up in order to warm up.

The race started and I felt good. I stayed with the front two guys during the first climb. Once we hit single track it was all over. I crashed 4 times on the first muddy decent, nothing too serious. Crashed 4 more times the rest of the race including the one Dan witnessed, the “Scorpion”…I was wondering how I got shoe prints on the back of my helmet. I also did the “Hamel Camel”, which Dan didn’t witness, that’s when you do the splits while spinning around on one pedal. Dan told me to steer by leaning and that helped tremendously. Thanks Dan! I only hit one tree…I’m glad I was wearing a helmet!

At that point I began questioning why I was doing this. I got over it on the last decent down Panama. I made it down quickly with no crashes! Rode into the finish line feeling relieved. Finished 5th in my catagory.
I was very happy that Paul and I car pooled together. It was great getting to know him! He was very helpful after the race as well.

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