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Today’s featured product – Cateye Stealth 10 GPS Computer – $120

Matt has been testing the new Cateye Stealth 10 for us, here’s what he has to say:


If you have been waiting to enter the GPS game, but held off because of cost, Cateye has the device for you.

As everyone in the store knows I’m a big fan of logging and tracking my riding, and Strava. That is why I was excited that Cateye was working on a new GPS that would upload directly to Strava, previously only Garmin devices had the capability to do so. The Cateye Stealth 10 the first entry of GPS Cyclocomputers is a simple no nonsense computer coming in at $120 (MSRP). There is little set-up needed and installation is quick and easy. Turn the device on go through the time zone set up and mount it to the bike. There are no sensors, speed and distance is calculated by communication with GPS satellites. There are options to change refresh rate from 1, 2, or 5 seconds for accurate readings on daily rides or to hold up to 175 hours of ride data for a long trip where downloads are few and far between. To access trips stored on the device one simply performs a trip reset to save a ride, dock the GPS to the cradle and download via the Cateye sync application. From Cateye Sync you can choose the upload the trip to Cateye’s own Cateye Atlas site, Strava, or Training Peaks with a click of the button.


Cateye Sync Software Home Screen, Includes Direct Strava Upload

Overall the GPS works well.  The GPS is accurate, and I have yet to lose signal even riding through the most densely wooded sections of the West Hills.  Speed lags somewhat in spots with poor signal, though the speed on the Stealth 10 should be understood as a running average rather than instantaneous, due to time for GPS pings to go from the device to satellites back to device.

Early Software issues seem to be handled, the latest update allows for mass uploads to Strava and Training Peaks with one click.  Currently the software is limited to Windows and Mac computers.

Cateye has also released the Stealth 50 ($150) model for riders needing more data. The Stealth 50 is compatible with ANT+ devices for Heart Rate, Speed/Cadence, which can be purchased from Cateye ($60  each) or from third-party manufacturers. The 50 also has the ability to work with ANT+ equipped power meters from SRM, Quarq, and PowerTap.

Cateye has made a solid, reliable budget friendly device for GPS ride logging, I would recommend it to anyone looking to get in the GPS game.


Weekend Special — August 30 – September 1

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CHAINRINGS — Sunset Cycles Monthly Newsletter


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The Best Laid Plans

by Roger Colwell 

Just when everything is going as planned, the unexpected happens: A traffic jam makes us late for a meeting; a vegetable turned south ruins an otherwise delightful meal; a lovely vacation is spoiled by loud neighbors in the hotel room next door.

Or, a downhill crash on your mountain bike sends you to the hospital.

That’s exactly where Terry R. ended up last weekend as he attempted to complete the legendary Leadville 100 race in Colorado. One minute, things were going exactly as the Sunset team rider had envisioned. The next…disaster. For Terry, that meant four broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a broken collarbone. Certainly not the race experience he had planned and trained for. Thankfully, he’s doing fine and already on the road to recovery.

Within Terry’s plight is a lesson we all can learn from. Because true eloquence eludes me, I’ll steal from the famous lines of Burns’ poem:

“The best laid schemes of mice and men

Go often awry,

And leave us nothing but grief and pain,

For promised joy!”

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